A gust of wind past by me the touch of the wind made me shiver a little, its touch was soft and calm I hugged myself a little tighter as I approached the path that leads to the best place in the world for me.

I slowed down my pace still hugging my body, the wind was still running slowly and soothing the atmosphere around us, the path which on I was walking it’s sides were surrounded by the trees and those trees were shaking slowly back and forth and its leaves were making a calm melody.

I found myself standing in front of a bench I slowly walked over there and sat on the bench staring at the nature’s beauty I rested my head on the bench, there were trees surrounded around this hill I saw a river down the hill I stood up from the bench and started walking down the hill, when I reached there I saw plenty trees and in front of every tree there was benches to sit and admire this beautiful and in front of the benches there was a thin path beside the path a wooden railing was there preventing us to go near the river I sat on one of the bench and again found myself admiring the beauty of nature I stared there what felt like ages, the wind was slightly running, the tree’s leaves were making a beautiful voice, the river’s water was flowing making an soothing voice too and the birds were singing making this all a beautiful melodious sight this melody was feeling in my ears like some kind of calm song, a very calm and kind song. It was all like some kind of paradise.

I tear my eyes from this and looked at my surroundings this was amazing and beautiful too and on one of a bench there was an old couple there a few couples more but they were looking so sweet with each other their love for each other was still reflecting into both of them eyes. I sighed and started staring at the beauty in front of us again.



This is Sunday

Several Deadly CINEs: Cinema, Writing, and Living

This is Sunday, and stuff needs to get done, and writing must happen, or I face being too serious a procrastinator.  Even worse, I give into my fears too easy. So I know some rewrites are in order, so I better get on point, or sit down and try. I don’t mind failing with the rewrite IF I place effort into the revision.  If I’m laying low, well, that’s on me for being too timid.

Last night I wrote a scene to replace the opening, however, it didn’t include the main character, and I wanted more on this new character.  Its safe to assume this new character would be the main character, and throw off the entire series. At the very least, readers would want to know more, and it would be too bait and switch as a writer to do to audiences.

My point for that last paragraph is…

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